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We all live in a world defined by laws and, though we may not always appreciate it, it is a fact that they make our everyday life possible. Whether it’s the question of keeping ourselves and the ones we love safe or just a matter of making sure we are properly compensated for our hard work, the laws are made in accordance with our desires and needs. Of course, the legal system is far from infallible, and mistakes do happen on a daily basis. However, such mistakes are understandable and can be disregarded when looking at the big picture.  Judges havean ungrateful role as they are forced to carry that huge weight of responsibility, doing their best to locate the truth in the sea of lies and deceptions. On the other hand, before the judges decide on the sentence for a crime at hand they must first deal with the ever-growing problem in the US today – prison overcrowding. Now, this is a serious issue that demands immediate attention and modifies the work done in courts across the whole country. Many attorneys have included it in their strategy, pressing that weak spot in order to achieve setting the bail for their defendants or decreasing their sentence.  In all of that a new concept arose, one that works around the overcrowding issue and yet remains a reliable way of constraining the defendanthouse arrest. The concept of house arrest relies heavily on the monitoring technology that is, thankfully, constantly improving. It is now possible to keep track of movement of the defendant using an ankle monitor, a device that can only be taken off by a professional under judge’s orders. The type of monitoring device depends really on the nature of theoffence, so that, for example, the defendant that was under the influence of alcohol and was ordered to stay sober will be obliged to take alcohol test so that the agents can even remotely monitor the alcohol levels in his blood.             The goal of these devices that are made by companies such as Maxi-Track is making sure the justice is satisfied; making sure that the offenders are properly rehabilitated; as well as making the difficult work, done by 24/7 agents assigned to the case, much more manageable. We live in an evolving world where such technologies are bound to replace the old-fashioned prisons in the future, making them unnecessary and obsolete.

Defendant Monitoring


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